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CPR training

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Do you ever feel the need for CPR training at work or in public?

We at Compress2Impress provide the best CPR training online according to the teachings of American Heart Associations for CPR.
Well, ask yourself why not.
We have covered the most obvious benefits for you to get CPR certified right away! Compress2Impress has aimed to provide quality CPR training for its participants, as we are offering one of the best and affordable prices for the most useful skill. We at Compress2Impress will offer you the best knowledge and skills that the ARC (American Red Cross) and AHA (American Heart Association) has implemented in their training, which follows the guidelines that are set up by the Scientific Advisory Council.
Then surely Compress2Impress conducts online CPR with American heart association and gives excellent CPR training with highly skilled instructors.

What is CPR training?

CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), is an emergency lifesaving procedure when the heart stops beating. Did you know immediate CPR can even double or triple the chance of survival after cardiac arrest? Yes, you read that right; now think for a minute how beneficial CPR training is. Compress2Impress is a competitive CPR training school and aims to increase awareness and confidence in performing emergency response practices. Such an emergency life-saving procedure should be done when an individual’s breathing or heartbeat suddenly stops.
and chest compression to keep the oxygen-rich blood flowing until the heartbeat and breathing is normally restored. CPR and first aid requires proper training and knowledge before it can be practiced by an individual because of the variation in adults and infants CPR.
Why Choose Us?

Compress2Impress gives you complete liberty to choose your convenience. It is totally up to you whether you want to take an online CPR class aha or in-room classes.
How you’ll decide which one is best for you?
Well, we are here to help you identify the best option for CPR training near me in NYC!

Duration of CPR course

You must be wondering how long is CPR training? A 3-hour long course can do wonders for your resume. CPR AED course can be a shorter program and or can be as short as 2 hours. How to get CPR and first aid training online? If you’re someone extremely busy but wish to get CPR and first aid training, it is best to opt for online CPR training classes according to your schedule. You may find it hard to juggle between personal time and school with one or more jobs. With proper time management, you can make it possible. The benefit is online CPR certification by American Heart Association was designed specifically for busy people like you. Courses are relatively short between 30 and 90 minutes. Moreover, you don’t have to undergo training at any specific time. Just simply sign up for the course, complete it at your leisure, and pass a simple test. You train whenever you have the time to complete the tasks. Bingo!

Perks of Blended Learning

Both blended learning and eLearning is approved by the American Heart Association for CPR, as it delivers the same content to all learners. Irrespective of whether you take traditional courses or participate in a Blended program, the same information will be taught. The only difference is the pace at which it’s taught. Blended Learning and eLearning are more time-efficient and convenient ways to learn CPR and first aid skills and techniques. Blended CPR course offers benefits for people who wish to learn a skill at the comfort of their home.

CPR For Infants

Did you know that CPR training is not an adult but also for infants? Choose the best way to learn adult and infant CPR which is in a class and trained by a certified instructor. It’s recommended to attend a class than to try and learn infant CPR from a book or website; though such materials can help you get familiar with CPR before your class or help you refresh your memory after you undergo training. What is different in an infant first aid CPR class? How can you prevent, recognize, and respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies. After which you’ll learn to perform CPR and first aid and possibly how to use an AED. Your instructor will likely use an infant-sized mannequin to demonstrate how to perform CPR, guiding you to ensure that you learn the proper techniques. Infants CPR are slightly different than CPR for adults. Rather than using the palm of your hand to do chest compressions, you use your fingers. The CPR and first aid training techniques for infants and older children are also different, so it’s significant to learn both.

Why You Must Be A CPR Certified?

In such times CPR certification is must for every individual. You can easily Google CPR certification classes near me and get a list of best of CPR certification institute for you! Heart disease seems to be the most common cause of death in the US as well as worldwide. And in most cases, patients never get a chance to reach the hospital on time. What if you can save a person without putting in much effort and energy? The person in need might be someone you know or a loved one. The greatest advantage is that anyone can learn CPR AED even with no little medical knowledge. CPR classes are interactive and fun you’ll learn, the course participants will be able to learn the proper execution of chest compression. Do you know CPR keeps the blood flow and helps in providing oxygen to the brain as well as other body organs for healthy living!
Now that you have made up your mind to get certified as a CPR AED professional what should be your next move? How to get training in CPR AED? Can you get the CPR AED training too? Compress 2 Impress is providing the best yet affordable training for people living in NYC. Life-saving classes are being held at an affordable price at Compress 2 Impress! We offer the most interactive CPR certification by American Heart Association.