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COVID-19 effects on heart

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Covid-19 is believed to have effects on lungs only by masses. But it surely not to be believed by doctors. SARS-CoV-2 is said to be affecting heart as well. It is being considered that people with cardiovascular disease are at risk of even more severe effects on heart. Not only have this but covid-19 going to affect your health even after you recovered from the virus.

Studies have suggested that covid-19 will be affecting your heart in two dominant heart disease which are, heart failure, when the heart muscle doesn’t pump blood as it should, and arrhythmias, or abnormal heart rhythms, that can be related to the infection or to the effect of medications used to treat the virus.

Researchers have suggested that this virus affect the cardiovascular system in an early report about how SARS-CoV-2 affects the heart, the virus that causes COVID-19, enters a cell using the receptor involved in the system that regulates the body’s blood pressure and level of water and salts, which is known as the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system

Possible effects of covid-19 you should look for after recovering?

There is no way we can escape this or hide from the corona-virus, we have to live with it as new normal Let’s assume  you’ve been infected with COVID-19 what you should continue to monitor even after recovering? Do look for any lingering symptoms and check in with your doctor regularly. Some signs you should talk to your doctor are:

  • Extreme fatigue– Patients recovering from covid-19 are said to be having extreme fatigue problems. What you have to monitor that are you feeling some kind of fatigue after recovering.
  • Trouble breathing- You might also be facing breathing problem issues as well, covid-19 effect your workout or daily life exercise routine life as well. Shortness of breath can affect your daily life in very severe manner.
  • Unexplained swelling– Another most common effects found in covid-19 patients is that they often observe some unexplained swelling on their bodies after contracting with covid-19.
  • Chest pain– Patients recovered from covid-19 also experience minor to sever chest depends on prior heart conditions. If a person is a heart he might feel his heart condition is worsening even after tested negative for covid-19.

Long term effects of Covid-19 on heart

Studies have suggested that covid-19 will be affecting our health even after a person has recovered from the virus. Especially, if a person is 60 or above there will be serious effects on and most important health issues might be the biggest reason of deteriorating health. How covid-19 does is affecting your heart? Well there are many ways covid-19 is affecting our health in long term you might be feel shortness of breath after running or doing any physical effort. You might also witness progress slow function of your heart. The new variant of covid-19 SARS-Cov-2 is being considered more deadly than previous one. Heart patients are more prone to catch covid-19 than any other healthy person.

Covid-19 is infecting heart cells and can cause the building blocks of muscles to appear splayed every which way, rather than arranged in an organized line as they are in healthy muscle. These findings could explain some of the issues we are seeing in the heart long after a person recover from COVID-19. But it’s important to note that one would have to translate those results into a human model, since the study was in cell culture. The bottom line is covid-19 will not only affect your lungs but also it will do some serious damage to your heart as well. What we can do as individuals is to follow every guide lines so far to avoid catching the virus. For those with cardiac disease it is more effective on heart and can cause long term effect on your health.

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