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5 Benefits of CPR certification

I have nothing to with medicine, why do I need to be CPR certified? Well, ask yourself why not. Why you can’t master a skill that can save lives? What
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5Tips for Safe Holiday during COVID-19

Are you planning for holidays anytime soon? But due to Covid-19, you are afraid to step out of your house? We have covered all the essential tips and hacks to
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Why is AED essential for every individual? What are the perks of being AED trained?. But before jumping into the benefits of AED let’s first get a brief idea of
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Benefits of Online CPR Classes

Why do you need CPR training? What benefits you’ll get if you enroll in online classes? We at Compress2Impress give you complete freedom to choose your convenience. It is totally
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Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack

So do you think cardiac arrest and heart attack are the same things just like every common person too? No, it is not! Both the disease cannot be used interchangeably.
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For all the women out there, your health should be your priority!. Know your health better to get the best treatment just in time. We often neglect our health with
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