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Advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS)

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Are you a medical professional looking forward to enhance you’re skills in respective field? Well look no further as advanced cardiovascular life support course will be the best pick for you! Why pick advanced life support course? ACLS course is structured on the foundation of life saving BLS skills, which helps emphasize the importance of preventing cardiac arrest just before time as well as it helps you perform high quality CPR.
Do you really need to take this course?
By now you must be thinking is ACLS course suitable for you? ACLS is great pick for health professionals who in-person or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies and for personnel in emergency response.
What is ACLS Heart Code?
As we have welcomed the era of e-learning, the learning dynamics have also evolved over time. Today every learning process is being conducted online. How ACLS heart code and e-learning are interlinked? Well Heart Code ACLS is a self-directed, in-depth eLearning program that uses e-Simulation technology to allow participants to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings. To apply for the course, participants must complete a pre-course self-assessment. After which every participants will be presented with a team dynamics lesson and 10 In-hospital patient cases, including a BLS case as well as 2 mega-code cases.
After the successful completion of all the patient cases, participants will be require to pass the written exam with a score of 84%. Participants will then be eligible to attend the hands-on session required for full course completion.

Key Features
It is been designed under the light of contemporary science and education reflecting the 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC
It offers improved learning experience through e-Simulations, life-like animations, and realistic scenarios
Much upgraded evidence-based resuscitation education and skills critical to the Chain of Survival
Also it offers enhanced course structure and scenarios to ensure immediate preparedness in real-world situations
For long-term benefits it allows you continuing the education credits

Which One Is Better Choice ACLS or BLS?
Confused between the two? So, how we can differentiate between the two terms? Basically it’s a level of advancement between ACLS and BLS is what is most noticeable. It is quite obvious from their names, BLS is a basic level course and ACLS is much more advanced. In much simpler terms BLS is the foundation, ACLS is the structure of knowledge which is built upon that.

What is BLS?
BLS, is the foundation of life saving knowledge. What you’ll learn is about the basics of AED and CPR as well other basic lifesaving techniques. BLS is primarily lifesaving skills that you might use when you are outside of a hospital. It is not essential for you to be a medical profession as it is basic lifesaving skills. This course is commonly recommended for coaches, teachers, babysitters and a host of other professional working around large groups of people.
Is THE bls COURSE for you?  
A BLS course can be attended by anyone who wants to know the basic techniques of life support such as CPR and using AED. Most of the times, BLS is performed outside of hospital conditions and doesn’t have to be performed by a medical expert. A person who usually opts for a BLS course includes teachers, babysitters, lifeguards, and others who might find himself in life-threatening situations. 
All you need to know about BLS certification exams
Did you know BLS is a skill which is high-in demand in USA? Why it is because nearly 400,000 heart attacks occur on the streets of America, where there is no medical assistant nearby. Basic Life Support skills taught by professionals can help saves life and the technical techniques taught in the training results in a 94% fatality rate.

BLS certification course is a must have skill for every medical professional especially, your perfect guide for BLS course will help you decide what are the perquisite for the certification course. How much do you need to score for BLS course? How many questions are there in BLS course? To pass the BLS course you need to score at least 84% or higher with 25 questions online test it allows participants to get 4 questions wrong only to avoid the retake exam. However, you take free practice test consisting of 10 multiple questions to get an idea of the exam beforehand.

What are basic Steps of BLS?

As referred to its name BLS is a technique taught by medical professional to help you save a life just in time. Ever wondered if you saw a person laying on the floor with slow to no heartbeat what will you do? What will be your immediate response to such a situation right in front of you? In such emergency situation prompt response is needed and BLS will help you to tackle it in a more professional manner. So, what are the basic steps of BLS? There are four basic steps for BLS assessment:
Firstly, you should check for a response and is necessary you must shout at the person to require the actual state of a person. Ask him “Are you okay?!” You should not be afraid to yell as well.
Your next step should be to look out or Call for help or even yell for help, asking people around to call 911 and trying to bring an AED.
You must check for circulation. In adults, the best place to check for a pulse is the carotid artery.
To check rhythm you’ll require an AED.

Elements of Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support comprises of four basic elements which are initial assessment, means you have initially assess the patient’s condition before giving any first aid. After which you need to maintain a proper airway for the patient. Moving forward to next step you need to go for expired air ventilation that is (rescue breathing; mouth-to-mouth ventilation) and chest compression).When all above elements are fulfilled that is what we call CPR in brief.

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