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There is no way you can escape without getting CPR AED training why? Because it is become need of the time as we have several people dying on the streets due to cardiac arrest. You need to have the basic CPR AED training to save a life, the person dying right in front of you might be a dear one or a complete stranger but there is no great virtue than to save a life.

Bur before we jump into the topic lets briefly discuss what is CPR AED?

What is CPR?

CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), is an emergency lifesaving procedure when the heart stops beating. With immediate CPR you can even double or triple the chance of survival after cardiac arrest! Yes, you read that right; now think for a minute how beneficial CPR training is. CPR training helps you and aims to increase awareness and confidence in performing emergency response practices. Such an emergency life-saving procedure should be done when an individual’s breathing or heartbeat suddenly stops. Right after which brain damage could be caused within minutes of cardiac arrest, so the advantages of knowing and performing CPR to save a life are countless. You don’t know how helpful you could be for someone

What CPR combines is rescue breathing, which provides oxygen for the lungs of the patient, and chest compression to keep the oxygen-rich blood flowing until the heartbeat and breathing is normally restored. CPR requires proper training and knowledge before it can be practiced by an individual because of the variation in adults, children, and infants.

 CPR has proven to increase the survival rate for the patient when given effectively and immediately. When a person becomes trained in CPR can lead individuals to save someone’s life before the rescue team arrives. Your certification in CPR will allow you to step up in emergencies, whether you are a medical professional or not.

For the most people knows that First aid and CPR are both treated as one entity in emergencies to save lives. We can say that CPR is specific whereas first aid is a broad practice comprising CPR among other lifesaving skills. If you’re willing to get CPR and first aid training then there are huge numbers of institution offering online certification programs. In CPR, the victim is usually unconscious and without a detectable pulse. It can be defined as the immediate help a patient or victim receives before professional assistance arrives. Also, it can be done in many ways as it involves different procedures depending on the state of the victim. It is hard to pick a field first aid certification as it is quiet crucial. There are various first aid courses that you can take with variety of online first aid classes.

CPR is for more critical conditions

Yes CPR is not an easy task to perform you have to be well trained to perform it.  CPR is more necessary as compared to some incidences of first aid. If person is suffering from cardiac arrest he is legally dead. The chances of reviving a person suffering from cardiac arrest are dependent on time. In CPR every minute counts and the faster the procedure begins, the higher the chances of the person surviving. It is recommended that when a person successfully receives CPR should see a medical specialist for further assessment. And it applies regardless of whether the person recovers normal breathing and regular heartbeat. When it comes to emergency there are some cases that demand first aid are not as critical as cardiac arrest. These could be done through First aid as it applies to some minor injuries and is successful without further medical consultation. Minor sprains, cuts and burns are some of these examples.

CPR is Procedural

CPR is not a device like AED it requires your proper attention and effort to make it work. CPR is a complete process to rescue a person dying on street, and this specific procedure that can only be carried out by skilled persons. Although, the steps followed during CPR are universal and are attainable through online CPR training. For every step followed through it is crucial and quite significant in saving a person’s life that’s why it is recommended to get professional training for CPR.


Most people consider CPR AED as one thing but this isn’t so! CPR and AED are two different actions to take when trying and save someone’s life. When a person met with a cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating. It means that within a few minutes of their vital organs not receiving oxygenated blood, that person will lose their life. There are few options to save their life include performing CPR and using and AED. Although they are both covered in the same training course, they are definitely not the same thing for sure.

What is AED? AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. An AED is a machine that sends an electric shock through a person’s body to try reviving a person’s heart. It is an essential part in the CPR process. The major difference between CPR and an AED is that CPR has very, very little chance of bringing someone back to life after cardiac arrest, while an AED has the capability to restart a person’s heart and brain functions. Mostly AED devices can be found in most public places. When it is turned on, it will be easy for the rescuer to through the process of using the machine. It’s so easy you could use an AED with little to zero knowledge require to use the device. As far as CPR is concern it is more widely known, but an AED is just as important in the life saving process. For an ideal situation or not so ideal as a cardiac arrest situation a rescuer will need to have bystanders to aid in the steps of the lifesaving process. CPR and an AED is not the same thing but goes well together when it comes to saving someone’s life. A manual heartbeat and electric shock both work towards the same goal to revitalize the cardiac arrest victim.

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