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Online vs. Classroom CPR Classes

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Online class or in-person class what’s your pick? Do you prefer online class at your own comfort? Or you like attending classes in proper class room? No matter what you choose you’ll be benefitting from any kind of education or skill you’re gaining. However, an online class seems to be new normal of this time.

We can’t debate much on the fact that online classes are much more feasible, faster and cheaper as compared to in-person classes. It is considered to be more viable option especially for professionals with busy schedule for having liberty to choose flexible timing according to their needs.

Benefits of CPR Training

There are plenty of benefits to become CPR-certified. Almost 88% of cardiac arrests happen while at home, making early administration of CPR absolutely necessary for survival. If a person is choking, heart attacks, and severe allergic reactions are some of the top reasons to administer CPR. And if a person stops breathing, they only have four to six minutes before brain damage or death will occur. It is highly recommended to be skilled at CPR means that you could easily save someone’s life in the event of an emergency.

Online vs. Local CPR Training

Online classes offer a variety of first aid and CPR training courses to fit your schedule. With online CPR classes, you can study at home on your own time. Also, you can take the test at any point and retake it if needed. The curriculum is taught by AHA-certified instructors and is widely accepted among health-care employers. It is easy to become certified, especially after passing the test, just print your certificate. Although, the certification is valid for two years and is accepted .Comparatively, online classes are much more convenient than traditional local first aid courses. Being a busy professional, you want to become certified as quickly as possible. For this purpose online programs are preferred by those who need to quickly update their certification. With the help of large collection of instructional videos, you can skip the subjects you know and take the test as soon as you’re ready. It eliminates time spent wasted in physical classrooms and allows you to review subjects you have already mastered. The courses are specifically designed to be convenient while still providing you with the best in-depth training possible.

Pros of online CPR classes

You can never have enough skills on your resume; CPR can be one of the most beneficial for you. Companies keenly look forward to employees having hands on experience at CPR or first aid. There are numerous benefits of online CPR training, the most obvious one is that irrespective of background anybody can get trained and certified. Life is full of a lot of uncertainty today and events like choking, drowning, and sudden cardiac arrests can happen anywhere and at any time. You can feel privileged and make an immediate difference for a victim and play a part in increasing the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims worldwide.

  • Budget Friendly

There are plenty of options of online CPR training courses are available today.Compress2Impress offers the most budget-friendly online CPR course for you! With highly professional instructors and trainers, we help you train better in every possible way.

  • Choose Your Pace

Online CPR training course allows its participants to choose their own pace and time slot.Compress2Impress has made it even more feasible for you to be your boss! What a better way to get trained for the most useful skill and at your own pace.

  • Feel more Confident

There no such thing as enough education or skill. One should never stop learning, the more you explore yourself the more you feel confident. Getting a skill that can help you save a human life must be a skill you should add to the list. Not knowing how to react in a medical emergency can get you a panic attack. CPR training helps you train well on how to stay calm in an emergency.

  • Online CPR is better

Online CPR certification is better because it guarantees success for its participants. It is because of the unlimited tries an individual makes in training, quizzes, hand the course itself. Online certification allows the person to take the quizzes multiple times until they can pass. This is the best option for any person who is willing to learn CPR and obtaining a certification because they can try as much as they want. Just make sure that the training you undergo is continuous for you to polis your skill on CPR.

  • Not Time Consuming

Online CPR training take at least days or weeks to finish their training and acquire for their certification, the online application will just take at least an hour which can save people a lot of their time, which we all know is an important thing to people because the more time a person saves, the more they can do in a 24-hour day.

Cons of online CPR classes

Broken ribs

It might be possible that after getting online CPR training a person might accidentally break a person’s ribs performing CPR. To perform CPR it requiresabout 125 poundof pressure, an amount that is much enough to break bones.  The up and down pushing of the chest in the course of the exercise might lead to broken ribs.

For people who take online CPR training, it might be hard for you to know the amount of pressure required. You might be the one end up breaking the ribs of the person if you haven’t attended class physically. Broken ribs also cause internal bleeding in the body.

Internal bleedings

The broken ribs will eventually result in internal bleeding. Also, it might cause damages and the injuries to other organs in the body in the process of performing CPR. Apart from the pains, internal bleedings are likely to cause more health complications in the body.

Technical issues

For online CPR classes you might also be facing some technical issues while live class. There might be some connectivity issues when it comes to online classes. No matter from which part of the world you are do make sure to have proper setup and internet connection for hustle free CPR classes.

Benefits of Class room CPR class

It is highly recommended to attend class room CPR class for better understanding of CPR. It is useful for you to grasp the training of CPR through online class. Undoubtedly, the benefits of online CPR classes like, time efficiency and convenience are great for professionals. But online-only programs lack a critical step to being CPR certified, like the hands-on skill and technique evaluation.

The only issue with online certifications is that they are not nearly as effective as a Class room CPR class. Although, Online learning is still encouraged because of less time consuming and feasibility, but it is difficult to get fully certified with just an online training program. It is because it lacks the hands-on evaluation that is requiredto AHA CPR certified.

Many institutes offer these online courses because it is inexpensive and it’s easy to print a card that claims the participant has completed all the American Heart Association or other accredited agency courses. People think that they are “certified,” when in fact, they have just completed a series of videos or articles.

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