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CPR AED Training

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Do you wish to save people’s lives even if you’re not a health professional? Serving humanity is a great virtue in life! What better way it could be than getting 

CPR AED training for it? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), is essential as it can save a life even outside the hospital. Nearly 400,000 heart attacks occur on the streets of America, where there is a medical assistant nearby. The technical techniques taught in the training results in a 94% fatality rate.

Now, what is the difference between CPR and AED training is it somehow interlinked, or is it entirely two different things? We shall dig deep for your better understanding before you get yourself registered.

CPR vs. AED: What is the difference?

CPR and AED are two techniques that are provided for immediate response to a heart attack. People who get trained at CPR AED are highly skilled to perform the task promptly. In a much-simplified way, CPR is performed by pressing the chest of a person, as it prevents a patient’s organ’s from dying.

AED on the other hand is a device that complements CPR. It is an electronic device that is used to normalize the heart rate of a person as well it is used to help a person’s heart to beat efficiently once low. What is the best part of modern AED’s is that it is easy to use once you get proper training for it.

The core function of AED

Well in most cases you might come across a person with absolutely no heartbeat, that is when the AED device is used to revive the heartbeat as it generates a shock.

AED can also be used for person suffering from ventricular tachycardia (v-tac). It is a condition where a person is observed with fast heart beat last for several minutes, as AED helps restore the normal heart rate effectively.

Why should I get CPR AED training?

Heart disease seems to be the most common cause of death in the US as well as worldwide. And in most cases, patients never get a chance to reach the hospital on time. What if you can save a person without putting in much effort and energy? The person in need might be someone you know or a loved one. The greatest advantage is that anyone can learn CPR AED even with no to little medical knowledge. CPR classes are interactive and fun you’ll learn, the course participants will be able to learn the proper execution of chest compression. Do you know CPR keeps the blood flow and helps in providing oxygen to the brain as well as other body organs for healthy living!

How to get CPR AED Certified?

Now that you have made up your mind to get certified as a CPR AED professional what should be your next move? How to get training in CPR AED? Can you get the CPR AED training too? Compress 2 Impress is providing the best yet affordable training for people living in NYC. Life-saving classes are being held at an affordable price at Compress 2 Impress!

Simply register today and get CPR AED trained by professionals.

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