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5Tips for Safe Holiday during COVID-19

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Are you planning for holidays anytime soon? But due to Covid-19, you are afraid to step out of your house? We have covered all the essential tips and hacks to keep you and your family safe and sound amid covid-19. You’re probably wondering these days like Christmas and New Year’s eve is around and you have been planning your holidays for so long but covid-19 messed up your plan? Don’t lose heart; we would love to make things work for you!

 So, many people haven’t seen their family members since early this year due to the pandemic, many have weighed the risks and are choosing to see family as safe as possible this holiday season. For those planning to see their family, we’ve compiled a list of five tips to make sure you can be as safe as possible this holiday season.

1. Get tested 

The most essential and mandatory tip is to get tested before you leave for the holidays. Being safe while traveling is one thing, but before leaving it’s important to make sure you’re not risking anybody else life for your destination. advised that you get a PCR test, isolate for 5–7 days, and then get a second test. The estimated period for COVID-19 is about 3–4 days, and the test is most accurate around 5–8 days after infection. If you get tested too early, then you might end up getting a false negative. It’s also important to note that the faster the results, the less accurate the test, even though it is, unpleasant but the nose swab test is the best way to see if you have COVID-19 or not. For precautionary reasons, you should also isolate for about a week after you reach your destination and then get tested one more time.

2. Going home

Many of you will be planning to head home for the holidays, please remember to be well prepared. Even though planes have been shown to have excellent air ventilation and filtration, much of our air travel safety depends on your fellow travelers keeping their masks on while in-flight. So much is out of your control amid a pandemic, it’s best to be extra careful when flying.

Be very particular about wearing your mask, and if you can, try to make use of an N95 mask for the trip. If not possible, then try to wear multiple layers of masks to ensure as much protection as possible. It might look overprotection, but wearing a face shield along with your mask can further increase the protection for the parts of your face that aren’t shielded by a mask. Lastly, use sanitizer as often as possible. It is handy for all surfaces that you plan to be touching, and overuse your hand sanitizer after you’ve touched any surface.

3. Higher risk activities

Try to avoid higher-risk activities, such as destinations with a Level 3 Travel Health Notice; cruise ships rides; large social gatherings like weddings, funerals, or parties; mass gatherings like sporting events, concerts, or parades; and crowded bars, restaurants, or movie theaters.

4. Adopt healthy activities

Have you been missing a workout due to the closure of gyms? then some healthy activities should be added to your daily routine. For example, if the weather isn’t too unpleasant and you’re working from home, ride your bike around your neighborhood during a lunch break. If dinner is going to be a feast, opt for a light lunch, and then go for a walk. When the kids are home from school, plan in some active chores and socially distanced trips to the park.

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

5. Hotel Bookings

As the covid-19 has emerged, the hotel industry recognizes that travelers are concerned about the coronavirus and safety. You should do your homework before bookings; visit any major chain’s website for information about how it’s protecting guests and staff. Some best practices include:

· Enhanced cleaning procedures

· Social distancing measures

· Masking of staff and guests

· Contactless payment

· Protocol in case a guest becomes ill, such as closing the room for cleaning and disinfecting

Vacation rental websites, too, are improving their safety measures when it comes to cleaning. As well, they are highlighting their commitment to following public health guidelines, such as using masks and gloves when cleaning and building in a waiting period between guests.

When you arrive at your room or rental, disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, tables, desks, phones, remote controls, and faucets. Wash plates, glasses, cups, and silverware (other than rewrapped plastic items) before using.

When packing for the trip, grab any medicines you may need on your trip and these essential safe-travel supplies:

· Cloth face masks

· Alcohol-based hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol)

· Disinfectant wipes (at least 70% alcohol) for surfaces

· Thermometer

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