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5 Benefits of CPR certification

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I have nothing to with medicine, why do I need to be CPR certified? Well, ask yourself why not. Why you can’t master a skill that can save lives? What a better life to live than to save in a timely manner?. We have covered the most obvious benefits for you to get CPR certified right away!

Compress2Impress has aimed to provide quality CPR training for its participants, as we are offering one of the best and affordable prices for the most useful skill. We at Compress2Impress will provide you with the best knowledge and skills that the ARC (American Red Cross) and AHA (American Heart Association) has implemented in their training, which follows the guidelines that are set up by the Scientific Advisory Council.

What is CPR training?

CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), is an emergency lifesaving procedure when the heart stops beating. Did you know immediate CPR can even double or triple the chance of survival after cardiac arrest? Yes, you read that right; now think for a minute how much beneficial CPR training is. Compress2Impress provides quality in CPR training and aims to increase awareness and confidence in performing emergency response practices. Such an emergency life-saving procedure should be done when an individual’s breathing or heartbeat suddenly stops. Right after which brain damage could be caused within minutes of cardiac arrest, so the advantages of knowing and performing CPR to save a life are countless. You don’t know how helpful you could be for someone

What CPR combines is rescue breathing, which provides oxygen for the lungs of the patient, and chest compression to keep the oxygen-rich blood flowing until the heartbeat and breathing is normally restored. CPR requires proper training and knowledge before it can be practiced by an individual because of the variation in adults, children, and infants.

 CPR has proven to increase the survival rate for the patient when given effectively and immediately. When a person becomes trained in CPR can lead individuals to save someone’s life before the rescue team arrives. Your certification in CPR will allow you to step up in emergencies, whether you are a medical professional or not.

Is CPR certification beneficial for medical students only?

  So are you wondering why do you need CPR certification even when you are not related to the field of medicine? You can be a lifesaver for someone out there who desperately need you, that person can be your co-worker, friend, or your loved one. If not the person with the cardiac arrest might be a stranger, and due to being CPR certified you can a person’s life!

 Plus it’s good to have a skill which might help you earn some amount of money. First aid training and should be mandatory for everyone why? You might be able to save the life of an individual at the workplace, on-street, or in your household. So, why not register for our CPR training certification today?

5 Benefits of CPR certification

We have listed the following points which will help you realize the benefits and advantages of CPR certification:

Compress2Impress provides quality training– CPR certification or classes took to gain a certification provide quality training and not just theoretical knowledge and this training can go a long way for the person and for others who benefit from it. CPR certification makes people more responsible as they start feeling like they have the power of helping out people in the most difficult times of their life.

CPR Save Lives- It is one of the biggest and core benefits of getting proper CPR training. Cardiac arrests are a matter of life and death. According to recent data, 90% of people who suffer from cardiac arrest die before they reach a hospital or medical care facility.

CPR helps keep the organ’s healthy-It is intended to keep the patient’s organ systems and blood circulation regular while they are yet to be examined by a medical professional or CPR training. Imagine an employee died due to cardiac arrest won’t you feel disappointed in yourself knowing the fact you could have saved him just by giving first aid or CPR just in time?.

Equip Employees with CPR training – Why not train your employees for CPR? A skill which they can use anywhere. We at Compress2Impress also offer group training. CPR and first aid training for the employees is a great plus for your business too as it will employees will feel more confident to work in a safer environment. The techniques they will learn can be used just about anywhere and everywhere. Employers should feel proud and happy knowing that their workers are capable of helping others around them in times of emergency.

Decreases the Recovery Time of Patients– If a person is suffering from a cardiac arrest makes it to the hospital in time, there is a strong chance that they will take a long time to recover. Apart from saving lives, CPR also lessens the impact of cardiac arrests on the patient. The longer the patient suffers from the condition, the bigger the risk it is for patients on their body.

If the patient receives CPR seconds after the cardiac arrest happens, not only will their life be saved, their body will also suffer less. That means the patient will pay less on medical bills and they can get back to work as soon as they can. But, if the patient’s heart is saved from taking too much damage, the chances of the cardiac arrest recurring are lessened too.

Increase your knowledge- CPR training adds another skill to your resume as most people who take this course improves their overall knowledge base and experience. This can be impressive for employers especially in the case when a candidate belongs to the field of medical science or nursing. Not only for the medical field even other industries and companies can benefit from their employees who know CPR or have a formal CPR certification.

More of CPR training awareness-There should be awareness campaigns of CPR training or seminars that tackle matters regarding the cardiac arrest or health-related challenges of every individual. It has been proven time and time again that CPR is effective and it can save lives. Not only medical persons/hospitals but companies should not wait for their employees to suffer from cardiac arrest before they provide CPR and first aid training. It is a must for all companies and individuals for healthy lives!

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