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heartsaver aed Every minute CPR is delayed,
10% of a person's chance
of survival reduces

Every minute CPR is delayed,
10% of a person's chance of survival reduces

heartsaver aed 45% out of the hospital
Cardiac arrest victims
have survived, because of
bystander administrating CPR
45% out of the hospital Cardiac arrest victims
have survived, because of bystander administrating CPR

Are You in a Situation Where You Can’t Think of What to Do?
Then You Need CPR/AED Training!

Do you need to get prepared for an emergency in ‘the Big Apple’?
Would you like to know how you can save the lives of your loved ones in NYC (New York City)?

Then you need CPR/AED training. Compress2Impress offers certified Blended Learning training on First Aid, CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), & AED (Automated External Defibrillator). We are highly committed to helping all participants gain competent CPR skills to help boost their confidence, so they’re well-prepared for an emergency. We provide optimal training materials for First Aid & Basic Life Support, which is another term for CPR. You will be instructed by teachers who have mastered the skills of CPR/AED and First Aid.
cpr training

If you ever encounter a car wreck, or you discover someone with symptoms of a heart attack/stroke, or you find one of your co-workers suffering from a cardiac arrest, you should know: What to do! You will be equipped with the best knowledge of how to perform CPR & First Aid, which can be applied during any unfortunate occurrences that can arise with your colleagues, family members, or friends. Compress2Impress will provide you with the best knowledge and skills, which follows the guidelines that are set up by the Scientific Advisory Council.

Do You Know Someone Who Needs First-Aid?
We Are Here to Help You Out with First-Aid Training!

It does not matter if you are not a medical professional. You can still make a big difference during an emergency involving adults or children. Compress2Impress will always be here to help you out by utilizing our highly qualified First Aid instructors. Our classes will provide you with the material and knowledge to help you save lives, reduce suffering, and increase the individuals’ chance of survival. Our First Aid/CPR and AED course can train you well-above the standards which help you aid someone who needs first aid, CPR, and deploy AED in a safe, timely, and effective manner. Whether you need to learn about first aid for work or want to use it for everyday life, you can count on us to help us train you.
Our in-person training classes will provide you with the right pieces of information and skills that you need to help adults and children during an emergency. We provide the best-in-class instructions and knowledge to make sure you feel comfortable with the skills you learned. The best part of getting trained in first aid is that it gets completed in a short period of time. By having First Aid and CPR training, you will know what you can do for individuals who get injured.

What are you waiting for?

Get your training right now!
cpr training

CPR Training Is a Course That You Should Learn

If you have CPR training, you will get to know about the information and skills you require to assist adults, children, and infants during breathing and cardiac emergencies. If you opt for an in-person blended CPR training, our instructors will provide information for you that will be engaging and effective at the same time. Compress2Impress doesn’t just train non-medical professionals, it also trains healthcare professionals. Our HeartCode ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support), and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) are meant for medical professionals.

Just like first-aid training, CPR certification doesn’t take too much time, and it can aid you to make a difference in a life and death situation. If you have a CPR certification in your hands, you can feel confident to save lives and envision a world where no one dies from a cardiac arrest. Millions of individuals and healthcare professionals trust the value of ARC’s CPR training; thus, you can trust us to become a participant in our lifesaving missions.

What about AED Training?

AED training gets utilized along with CPR. This is referred to as Blended Learning AED/CPR. In this course, you will learn: When and how to use an AED? The best part of AED training is that with a combination of CPR and AED usage, you can provide the greatest chance of survival, compared to just CPR alone. There are a couple of safety measures you must remember when using the device, especially when it is analyzing or defibrillating the heart. You must make sure everyone’s hands are clear from the person, including yourself. If someone is touching the person, they can get shocked. All our courses cover AED training. Some courses like ACLS or PALS go into depth with AED usage.

Yes! We Do Offer Blended Learning Courses.

Blended learning is one part online interactive lectures and one part in-person hands on skills practice. You may have realized now:

How has the term been coined?

Our modern Learning Management Systems (LMSs) will help you enjoy the best of both worlds. Our learning techniques include web/mobile-based learning, and classroom training sessions. You would need to complete the online training prior to arrival to the class, and in class you will demonstrate and practice the skills you reviewed online.

We offer this kind of learning

because we have seen how convenient it is for our students to complete the lectures at their own convenience and come to class for one – two hours to demonstrate the hands-on skills. Unlike a traditional format course, which is five – six hours in class.
You get the following benefits with the aid of Blended Learning:

Why Choose Us?

You may be thinking now:
Why should you choose Compress2Impress in NYC
while there are many options available for you to get medical training.
Here is why you should opt for us:

We are both an ARC training provider.

We have the most competitive prices in the COUNTRY!

We offer lifesaving training at an affordable price.

We have classes scheduled everyday while offering classes at different times.

All of our locations are conveniently located around mass transit.